Commercial Auto Insurance

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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance
It is a business owner’s responsibility to protect their business. This includes buying insurance to protect all assets of the business. A business that uses automobiles in the operation of the business should have commercial auto insurance. This coverage can provide the business and its employees with a safety net to help move past problems such as car accidents, medical bills, damaged property, theft, vandalism and more.

Not Personal Insurance
Some business owners don’t realize they need commercial auto policies. They might think a personal policy is sufficient, but that’s not generally the case. As a rule, a specific commercial policy is required when a vehicle is used for business purposes. Even if you work from home and drive your car to drop off products with a client, your car is officially a business vehicle. If an accident happens, then anyone involved could come after your personal property. A commercial auto policy allows you to protect your assets from these threats.

A big difference between personal auto insurance and commercial auto insurance is the amount of liability coverage. A business needs a higher amount of coverage than a single person. This is because business owners and their employees need more protection because of higher risk. This coverage will also provide financial assistance in the event that anything is damaged, stolen or vandalized.

There is no single type of vehicle that will need to be covered by a commercial policy. Any vehicle used for business purposes is eligible for this coverage. If you’re a business owner with business vehicles, then it’s in your best interest to have coverage.